Recently Mona took part in a day long workshop with Headliners, to explore and challenge the misrepresentations of young refugees, asylum seekers and young migrants in the media. She wanted to challenge peoples' perceptions of Muslims. The banner picture is her own self portrait and her work is part of a newly started collection of #YoungRefugeeVoices.

"I am from South Lebanon. I like to have a friend. I love Barcelona football team. They are a strong team.

I came to my UK as My dad has been 15 years in the UK and some of my family is in the UK. I have been one year in the UK. My life has changed I had my best friend in Lebanon, I miss her, but I have seen for the first time my uncle.

A normal day for me is waking at 7.30am, eat breakfast, come to school and after I go and study my lesson and homework. After I play in my phone or for social media.

I don’t have a favourite food I just like to eat!

I want people to know that Muslim people are not ISIS and they want to be safe like you

I like the people in London. You have safety. Not like in Lebanon its not a safe place. Here you have the police and everything. You have someone care about you here. I don’t like the weather.

My first day in the school was funny. Mr Hassan came and take me to U40. I asked if I could go to toilet but didn’t know you have one for girl and one for boy as in Lebanon its just one for girl and boy and I was going to wash my hands and some boy said “ what are you doing here” I said ‘oh my gosh’ and I was running away!

I want people to know that Muslim people are not ISIS and they want to be safe like you. They love Christians and others and want to be sisters and brothers. It’s important to listen to us as we have an opinion. We want to share our opinion with you. We like you to know our opinion. There are people who don’t know me or know Lebanon and I want them to know me personally.

I love to be a social worker to help people. From childhood I want to be a social worker as I like the babies and children.

Thank you for the people who came here to help us to get people to listen to our opinions."

Mona, 14

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