Recently Anas took part in a day long workshop with Headliners, to explore and challenge the misrepresentations of young refugees, asylum seekers and young migrants in the media. He wanted to show that young refugees are just your average young people. The banner picture is his own self portrait and his work is part of a newly started collection of #YoungRefugeeVoices.

My family is from Syria. Because there is war in my country and I came here as there is no country that would accept us. I came in December 2015.

My life hasn’t changed (since coming to the UK), it stays the same.

A normal day is a Saturday. I do football training and hang out with my friends. My favourite food is Syrian food as we cook it at home. What I like about London is that there are kind people and they care about other people. I don’t like that people are always killing each other and fighting.

My first day in school here I was so happy as I hadn’t studied for 3 years. In the future I would like to be an architect so I can rebuild my country.

I would like people to know that young refugees/asylum seekers are not bad children. Don’t judge other people by how they look.

Anas, 16

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