Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the UK, we have had 3 lockdowns that have impacted every part of our lifestyles, education and work. But what are the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the environment? Young Londoners report on how COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted the environment and nature around them in their local area through photos.

More Time For Our Neighbours

The wildlife (in London especially) has more space, the pollution has decreased, and humans don't interfere as much with wildlife. But animals also have had more space to move freely with the streets and parks almost empty.


Teenager Misses Freedom

I couldn't go outside which angered me and saddened me.


 Lockdown Doesn't Just Harm Humans 

In lockdown there has been a lot more litter. There’s been more pollution because of lockdown.

Comfort in Nature Despite Pandemic

People have enjoyed nature and spent their time in lockdown doing gardening, reading, walking and birdwatching. 

People find comfort in nature such as going for walks during lockdown when they can't go anywhere else. Nature/ outdoors has also been a place where you can meet someone else.

Corona is hard and we are all struggling but it’s going to get better. 

This piece was created by Mohamned Meshnuni, Elodie Oldham, Edith Olver, Ronnie-Anne O'Malley and Thomas Verrier during our online delivery of the Wild Action Programme with the London Wildlife Trust. The Wild Action Programme is one strand of the Keeping It Wild Project This project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund 

Banner image taken by Lauren during the Keeping It Wild Traineeship