Who am I? It's a question we can spend a lifetime trying to figure out. How we express ourselves as individuals as well as members of society can be difficult. Nureynu, Paul, Sofiia, Maruaf, Rafi, and Fahian question their identity and the ways they express themselves in the photo-series 'Who am I?' Determining what makes them unique and how their interests play a part in their identity.

Rafi's photos focus on his connection to his local community and how his surroundings have played a part in forming his identity. His "favourite photo is of Spotlight because is shows how they inspire kids". As someone who has spent a lot of time at Spotlight, the centre plays a big part in his identity and it continues to help him develop as a person. Here, he formed friendships and was able to try new things, becoming the person he is today.

Sofiia used her photos to illustrate how her interests and hobbies play a part in her identity. When taking photos, she focused on how she shows her personality in the things she wears and the way the she sees elements of herself in the world. 

"I like nature, it reminds me of the place where I was born".

"This photos shows my favourite colours on the things that I like, the piano, computer".

"I like to watch anime".

As a car-enthusiast, many of Fahian's photos focused on the different cars he saw. He explained how cars play a large part in his identity as he likes how cars look as well as how fast they go. This interest links into his adventurous nature. Fahian loves exploring London and seeing all the tourist sites. 

"I love cars in central London".

"I love coming to Spotlight, I love playing games when I come to Spotlight".

"Canary Wharf looks fashionable and inspiring".  

Maruaf's photos focused on his perspective of the world. He used angles to emphasise his unique outlook and make each photo his own. The subject of his photos tended to focus on his interests, illustrating how our likes and dislikes play a part in forming our identities. 

"I like the pictures of the coffee stuff because I like coffee!"

"I love the sky because it's so cloudy and I love the shade of the colour".

"I love the statue in the park because the guy is expressing himself and what he likes".

Nureynu describes himself as calm and close to nature. In the past, his photos have always reflected the tranquility of nature and the lessons he learns from the world. However, his photos in this series focus on how his identity is impacted by those around him and how these people have helped him become happy and confident. 

"I chose this picture because Poppy has been giving me the opportunity to express myself. Thank you Poppy!"

"To me this represents calmness and soothing because of the colour purple".

This project was produced as a collaboration between Spotlight and Headliners (UK) by Nureynu, Paul, Sofiia, Maruaf, Rafi, and Fahian.
Thank you to the Edward Gostling Foundation for making these sessions possible.