Whilst working with young people from the YMCA, we have been discussing some of the benefits and also some of the difficulties of education at home. Education has changed rapidly during the past year which is clearly better suited to some, but not for everyone. In this podcast, young people discuss the pros and the cons of the current education system and what is will possibly look like in the future. 

Some of the issues we discussed are the effects on mental health, the loneliness felt by not seeing friends regularly and the unsuitability to some young peoples’ learning needs. As some of the young people state that they have gotten used to the new online method, it is evident that not all young people are suited to what is considered the new normal.

Special thanks to the YMCA group who took part in the podcast – Jessica, Hannah, Tristan, Luke, Rebecca, Jack, Alan and Alex.

This project was supported by the Londonderry YMCA and was made possible through funding from the Education Authority