On the 23 March 2020, UK Government announced that everyone must stay indoors, except for essential travel. All non essential shops would close and public events cancelled. This was the response to the novel COVID-19 virus that was affecting countries all across the world.

Keeping it Wild trainees Bobbi and Shahnoor discuss the situation after their first week of working from home. From chaos in the supermarkets to finding ways to connect to nature, listen to the real life experiences of lockdown and join them in exploring ways to stay mindful and finding positivity during the trying times. 

This podcast was produced by Shahnoor Akhtar-Junjua and Bobbi Benjamin as part of the Keeping It Wild Project.

This podcast was also  part of the Headliner's #LifeinLockdown series, where young people share their experiences during the UK's coronavirus lockdown. Join in on Twitter with #YoungVoicesCount!

Banner photo taken by Sofia, 11, on a Wild Action Programme