We recently returned to Woodlawn School in North Tyne side as part of our Tyne on your side project. 

The young people have been doing hands on employability sessions which included How to present themselves during interviews, positive body language and CV writing. These young people have been brilliant and engaged throughout! 

In addition, the young people have been exploring creative outlets through working towards a qualification in photography which explored "What makes a good photograph?" and also learning about the rule of thirds and different angles they can use taking a standard photograph to make it look ‘’professional’’

At the end of the project the groups for their hard work paying off they have the right to celebrate; they chose a social event day and got their game on at The North Shields Warehouse Arcade’s at the Royal Quays.

They’ve enjoyed gaining new digital skills and doing something different within their classrooms. 

Some young people’s quotes from our Tyne on Your Side project: 

"What really helped me is the employability side. I lacked confidence in this and just didn’t know where to start. After working with Headliners, I feel so much more confident and positive about my future because I have been given some really good skills in interviewing, mapping out my future and building my experiences though volunteering." 

"It’s exciting to know that my photography work will have a lasting impact as it’s going to be displayed in an exhibition with Headliners. From someone who never shared anything that I created before to having something up for public display is a really big thing for me. If I thought back to what things were like last year, I could never have imagined it happening." 

Here are a couple of photographs from our social event:


Thank you to the North Tyne Combined Authority for making this project possible.