Headliners (UK) North-East England team are delighted to be able to deliver Tyne on Your Side which is a one-year project working with 30 care experienced young people.

The project includes development sessions over 12 weeks broken down into six weeks of Tyne on Your Side: Your Story and six weeks of Tyne on Your Side: Looking to the Future.

The Tyne on your Side: Your Story weekly sessions take young people through a six-week programme of flexible, hands-on accredited media and pre-employability activities. They will undertake personal development challenges, learning how to communicate effectively and enable their voices to be heard. They will have sessions focused on developing their verbal and written communication skills and also using multi-media tools such as filmmaking, podcasting and stories to share their experiences for other young people to learn from.

Tyne on Your Side: Looking to the Future are weekly sessions for six weeks that take young people through the basics of building their CV, job searching, managing their money in the future, budgeting and interview practise. We will work with DWP and other charity and youth partners to support the young people by offering advice and signposting to further education, employment and/or volunteering to gain experience and allow them to transition to independent living with confidence and hope for the future.

If you’re interested in this course or would like more information, please contact Shannon Hargreaves at [email protected]