For over ten weeks now, people have been asked to stay at home. Between boredom and their mental health being triggered, many have battled through the lockdown with weariness and reluctance. But not all is dark, and for some of our young people there were many bright sides to staying at home.

Following Brandon's luminous article A Positive Side To A Life In Lockdown, Kieran and Brandon take a moment in this third edition of the "Community in Lockdown' podcast series to reflect upon the silver linings that came with this unique measure; and discuss how they've been keeping themselves busy and entertained.

On today's agenda: horticulture, baking, the future of Tinder and the ayes and nays of telly. The little things that make a big difference.

This podcast was produced by Headliners Foyle and POCA members Kieran Townley and Brandon Harkin as part of our #LifeInLockdown series.

It was made possible by the ongoing support of The National Lottery Community Fund