For most it has been a very long year; one of ups and downs and ups and downs, of false hope and emotional lifts. There were lockdowns and a difficulty to cope for us, the young people of Headliners.

Then a certain return to normality before a second lockdown. Now, there is a glimmer of renewed hope in the shape of a vaccine, but first there is Christmas. Yes, Christmas. It is hard to think that in the middle of a pandemic, something as magical can still happen, and yet! The streets are lit, the trees are up, and everywhere people are singing "Fairytale of New York".

Milo, Canice, Josh and Kieran gather one last time in 2020 to reflect on what promises to be an unusual and unique Christmas. Between tiers and bubbles and the threat of a third lockdown coming over Northern Ireland, 2020 will have been one hell of a year until the very end.

Our young people talk about the lack of family connections, the meaning of gifts and of course the major impact on the economy. They invite each and everyone of us to support local businesses this year. And because they never lose their sense of humour even in the darkest of times, they dare you to answer the most important question: is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

This podcast was produced by Headliners Foyle members Milo Quigley, Canice Cusack, Josh McGeoghan and Kieran Townley as part of our #LifeInLockdown series. It was made possible thanks to the ongoing support of The National Lottery Community Fund