Spring has sprung, mass-vaccination is taking place all over the UK and the stretch in days is starting to be noticeable. After months in lockdown and the impression that we would never see the end of it, these elements have given us, the young people of Headliners Foyle, enough hope to look forward and start making plans.

As the world seems to be slowly recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic, Milo Quigley, Kieran Townley and Canice Cusack come back in a more joyful podcast to look at what they are now desperate to do again.

They explore the themes of socialising, travel, and the arts and explain why they have often missed the little things of daily life more than the extravagant trips and lifestyles.

This podcast was produced by Headliners Foyle members Kieran Townley, Aodhán Roberts and Milo Quigley as part of our #LifeInLockdown series. It was made possible thanks to the ongoing support of The National Lottery Community Fund