Young people attending the music college SoundSkool put their knowledge of music and existing media skills to work producing a podcast to explore topics that matter to them. Based at the Soapbox Youth Centre in London, the group spent three sessions creating their own podcast, Talk Too Much, in which they explore their thoughts around music and mental wellbeing. Their candid discussions led to musings on the music industry, the changing music landscape and the influence of social media.

Using sound equipment to record the show they approached the task with confidence, working collaboratively and talking with ease, before using editing software and their own musical resourcefulness to pull together the final piece.

Having embraced the task and exceeding the brief, the group of young people were able to put together an additional, bonus podcast episode. They chose to have an open and honest discussion around the issue of knife crime.

Both podcasts can be accessed on Spotify and below, with all elements of the production, including recording, editing and artwork, done by the group of young people you will hear on the show.

Talk Too Much

Episode 1: Music and mental wellbeing

Episode 2: Knife crime

Thank you to The Old Street District Community Pot for making sessions like this possible.