The environment and conservation sector in the UK has long been known for its lack of diversity and representation, especially of young people. In this video, Zoe unpacks the issues of stereotypes and prejudice that exist within nature, conservation and the environmental sector.

This is an issue because you end up just not feeling like you should be there or being made to look an idiot for liking nature. It's ridiculous. It pushes people away from being themselves, especially where nature is concerned. Someone might love nature and want to get stuck in, but because there’s so much angst around nature they withdraw.

It affects me because I always feel anxious to let people know how much I love nature and that I actually want to out there. The reaction is often negative. If young people experience negative reactions then they wont be keen on getting out there. It's already hard with other issues, but with the added ridicule and shame it makes it worse.

This piece was created by Zoe Opiah on the Keeping It Wild Traineeship with London Wildlife Trust. The traineeship is one strand of the Keeping It Wild ProjectThis project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and this particular activity strand was supported by Tallow Chandlers.