In a post-covid world, the hot topic seems to be centred on wellbeing with the question, what has a negative impact on our wellbeing and how can we improve it?

Young people from South Tyneside College recently worked towards a photography qualification which explored the elements of what makes a good photograph, and along the way they learned different photographic techniques. The group talked about happiness, what makes them happy and what things in life have an impact on their happiness and wellbeing. 

“Spending time with my friends makes me happy”

“Going out with my camera to new places makes me feel really happy”

Each young person brought in an object from home that they identify with happiness and used the chosen objects as props to practice their new photography skills that they had acquired.

One young person brought in a picture of paw prints to photograph, a precious keep sake from his deceased dog that he valued. Another young person brought in an action figure that he kept from childhood.

They explored what factors had a negative impact on their wellbeing. Everyone in the group agreed drinking too many energy drinks, and stress, had a negative impact on their wellbeing.

“Exams make me feel stressed”

“Feeling pressured and put on the spot makes me feel stressed”

The group concluded that being amongst nature was something that made them feel calm and centred. Linking wellbeing and photography, each young person picked up their camera and snapped the beauty of nature.

Thank you to the People's Postcode Lottery for making these sessions possible.