Headliners (UK) Policy Library

Headliners (UK) is committed to operating the charity under the framework of clear, concise and appropriate policies and procedures. The charity is committed to ensuring that the organisation’s policy framework is inclusive, responsive, robust and accountable.

Headliners (UK) believes that sound policies in the defining the code and standards by which Trustees of the charity will operate and abide by. This will significantly benefit the overall efficiency of the governance of Headliners (UK) and promote the best interests of its employees, volunteers, Trustees, members and voluntary officers.

Some of our key policy documents for the organisation are listed below:

Headliners (UK) Strategy 2022-2025: Headliners (UK) Strategy 2022-2025

Headliners (UK) Safeguarding Policy: Headliners (UK) Safeguarding Policy

Headliners (UK) Equality and Diversity Policy: Headliners (UK) Equality and Diversity Policy

Headliners (UK) Data Protection Policy: Headliners (UK) Data Protection Policy

Headliners (UK) Data Breach Policy: Headliners (UK) Data Breach Policy

Headliners (UK) IT Management and Security Policy: Headliners (UK) IT Management and Security Policy

Headliners (UK) Financial Controls Policy: Headliners (UK) Financial Controls Policy

Headliners (UK) Fraud Prevention Policy: Headliners (UK) Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy

Headliners (UK) Social Media Policy: Headliners(UK) Social Media Policy

Headliners (UK) Crisis Management Policy: Headliners (UK) Crisis Management Policy

Headliner (UK) Whistleblowing Policy: Headliners (UK) Whistleblowing Policy

Headliners (UK) Health and Safety Policy: Headliners (UK) Health and Safety Policy

Headliners (UK) Complaints and Resolutions Policy: Headliners (UK) Complaints and Resolution Policy