In this short film, the young people at New City College Tower Hamlets address a common misconception adults have about young people: that they are always on social media. This stereotype presents young people as disengaged and absent, when really young people have many reasons why they use their phones. 

For some students, a phone is the only way that they can access the internet and complete their homework. A phone is substantially cheaper than a laptop, meaning those from low socio-economic backgrounds may not be able to afford to work on a computer. Additionally, nowadays phones contain necessary tools for young people, such as calculators and contactless banking. This film challenges this misconception about young people, illustrating the positive ways that young people use their phones. 

This project was produced as a collaboration between New City College Tower Hamlets and Headliners (UK).
Thank you to the Tower Hamlets Prevent Team for making these sessions possible.

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