In March 2020, the UK saw the start of many restrictions come into place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Charlotte reflects on the effects of the lockdown restrictions and how they have affected young Londoners and their connection to nature, through this incredibly powerful photo story.

It represents how, now more than ever, we are adamant to change our lives and aren’t going to allow any obstacle to cloud our judgement.

White text on a black background reads: This photo storyboard is to show the struggle young Londoners face due to being unable to connect with nature like we used to, since having been in a national lockdown, due to covid.   I have chosen this headli

An image of green plants outdoors, with text that reads: Here we begin with an image of various species of plants. A symbol of the calm before the storm and what life was like before the worldwide pandemic.   It shows the breath of fresh air and the

as wool comes from sheep it’s to express our innocence (as a generation) like a lamb, being so dependent on those before us to make all this… make sense.

A black and white image of hands knitting wool

White text on a black background reads: This is a close-up image of my hands knitting in black and white. This sinister contrast to the image before is an attempt to symbolise how this virus has affected us all both emotionally and psychologically to

A photo taken through an open window, overlooking houses and a garden under a bright blue sky. White text on a black background reads: The cracked window is to signify: The Break of a New Dawn and how things seem to be looking up now.  There are a fe

A photo of Charlotte knitting. Text reads: A full scope of me knitting in colour opposes the previous image of me to exaggerates how there was little to look forward to before as the image was so restricted, almost making the viewer feel claustrophob

we are all looking at the same moon and that we are all in this together. 

A photo of a blue sky, with a few white clouds, a plane line flying in the distance and the tops of trees on the edge of the frame. Text reads: Finally, this is an image of a clear blue sky. It represents how, now more than ever, we are adamant to ch

This piece was created by Charlotte Thomas during our online delivery of the Wild Action Programme with the London Wildlife Trust. The Wild Action Programme is one strand of the Keeping It Wild ProjectThis project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and this particular activity strand was supported by the George Bairstow Charitable Trust.