As a society that is dependent on the internet, it is important to understand how people use the internet to exploit others. By understanding the dangers we face online, we can better equip ourselves to use the internet safely. In the below podcast, the young people from New City College will discuss how to safely use the internet while relaying their own experiences with clickbait and fake news. 

Top tips to stay safe online:

1. Talk to a trusted adult if someone is making you uncomfortable

2. Don't respond to messages from people you do not know

3. Be aware of what clickbait and spam looks like

4. Don't trust everything you see online - research topics widely

5. Be careful when sharing your personal information

Ultimately, the anonymous nature of the online community creates the space for toxicity by creating a false sense of security. People believe that they are safe online because of the distance between themselves and those they are speaking to. However, this is not the case. Hear what our young people have to say on the topic in the podcast below.

This project was produced as a collaboration between New City College Attlee A Level Academy and Headliners (UK).
Thank you to the Tower Hamlets Prevent Team for making these sessions possible.

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