Recently Mariam took part in a day long workshop with Headliners, to explore and challenge the misrepresentations of young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the media. The banner picture is her own self portrait and her work is part of a newly started collection of #YoungRefugeeVoices

My family are from Somalia and I came to the UK in July 2013. I came to the UK to study and to have freedom that I didn’t have in my country.

I am a sporty person. I like sport: I like football, tennis, table tennis and basketball. And I like enjoying my day with my friends, family and at my school. When I came to the UK I started school. I got new friends to get along with. I got new teachers. I didn’t know how to communicate with them.

I can show that there is nothing impossible for women, everything possible and a woman can do anything.

A normal day for me is waking up, having my breakfast, going to school, study, have fun with my friends, teachers and staff in the school and after going home I spend time with my siblings and my mum telling them how my day was in school. After that I do homework if I have any or sit with my siblings and watch TV then 10.30 go to bed.

My favourite food is Kabsa. It is a popular dish for Arabic people. We used to eat Kabsa every Friday. Its our favourite dish.

I like that the people in London are friendly and they understand each other. Some of them are respectful and friendly and kind. Lots of people are kind to each other. You don’t know how much kindness there is. What I don’t like about London…some people are weird, selfish, disrespectful to adults, grown-ups to homeless people even. Me, myself when I see a homeless person to the side or in the road I like to help them if I can. If I cannot, at least I have respect for them. Some people have to have respect for others.

In the future I want to be a pilot woman. Why? Because yes I am from Somalia, but I was born in Saudi Arabia and in Saudi Arabia people, women, they have no right to drive or be a pilot so I can show that there is nothing impossible for women, everything possible and a woman can do anything. Its not only men who can drive and do everything. Everything is possible for young people too.

This feature was created Mariam, 15

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