From the 6th April until the 14th May, we held an exhibition at St Margaret's House's Gallery Cafe to showcase the work our young people in London had produced during 2022-2023.

The exhibition brought together work from across three London-based projects: London Green Champions, Breaking Through the Headlines and Safe Spaces London. The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight youth voices and topics that they have identified as significant to them. Using multi-media as a tool for self-expression, our young people created various pieces, such as photo-series', podcasts, documentaries and a magazine, to challenge the world around them. 

The exhibition was open to the general public for 6-weeks and we held a private showing on the 11th May for partners and funders to get an inside look into what we do. 

London Exhibition Flier

We would like to extend a special thank you to St Margaret's House for gifting us the exhibition space in-kind and for their support in running the exhibition.