Headliners were delighted to secure a significant donation from Tesco Mobile with the help of Business in the Community’s COVID response to support charities, organisations and communities during this pandemic.

Many vulnerable young people had told us that they were struggling during the pandemic to keep in touch with friends using technology as they were trying to use their phones for everything including school work.

Headliners (UK) put a call out for help in our response to the COVID pandemic through the Business in the Community network and we were delighted to receive a significant donation from Tesco Mobile of phone and data to enable over 35 young people to stay connected.

Headliners (UK) Chief Executive Ali Talbot said “We are very grateful to Tesco Mobile and to Business in the Community for supporting our work at this critical time. Connectivity with our young people is so important to them during these difficult times and we are really pleased to be able to start distributing this equipment where it is very much needed.”

Thank you to Business in the Community and Tesco Mobile for supporting our work.