During uncertain times when the world was in lockdown, Route2Work College kindly opened theirs doors to Headliners (UK)  Digital Transitions project incorporating careful planning and procedures to ensure safety for all. Working alongside the amazing staff at Route2Work the journey began, thus taking the opportunity to get to know each individual young person, learning new skills and becoming social butterflies.

Our twelve weeks commenced with carefully planned sessions, fun ice breakers and social events and each time we came together the young people opened up their young minds to soak up endless drops of knowledge. In a safe and relaxed environment, the young people took part in group activities and overcame barriers of embarrassment, lack of confidence and confidence in public speaking.

With in-depth research, planning and teamwork the group embraced the art of conducting a job interview, they collated the most commonly asked questions and pulled together perfect answers adding in their own uniqueness and individuality. Hence together as a team they broke down all those barriers that previously stood before them.

Well, I won't need or use photography they said....

"Well, I won't need or use photography"- a sentence many of the young people expressed. The art of photography is used in many aspects of life like social media, mental health and wellbeing. It's a way to connect with society, to capture memories, document life, a tool to help many learn and for others a way to communicate.

A step-by-step guide was created for the young people to understand the process of telling a story within a photograph. With the use of good lighting, angle, perfect composition and imagination their work became exhibition ready. With their newly found skills the group could now focus their energy and emotion through the art of photography, as a picture speaks a thousand words which amplifies their voices. 

The group are now bursting with confidence and their online art galleries are now published on several websites, their videos watched by live audiences and due to all their achievements the group are now ready to jump into level two photography with great enthusiasm.

To see some of the media content Route2Work have created during their time with Digital Transitions , please visit:

Callum: Howay the Lads 
Connor: Geordie on the Tyne 

Please feel free to share Route2Works galleries on your own social media tagging @HeadlinersNE #DigitalTransitions #YoungVoicesCount.

This project is one strand of the Digital Transitions project. This project was made possible by funding from Lloyds Bank Foundation.