Headliners (UK) COVID 19 Update - September 2020

As the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve across the United Kingdom, Headliners (UK) wanted to update our young people, partners and funders on what our charity is doing to ensure the health and safety of our workforce, young people and the continuity of our charitable operations.

Below is detailed a summary of our COVID Secure measures:

  • With everybody’s health in mind, we implemented work-from-home strategies for our all team during the lockdown and we transferred the majority of our service delivery to young people online.
  • We developed a new online sign up system for young people and parents.
  • We developed and deployed an Online Delivery Safeguarding Policy
  • Headliners (UK) has followed the guidance provided by the National Youth Agency COVID Guidance to ensure all our operations and delivery were COVID-Secure. This means that:
    • COVID Secure venues are required
    • Maximum size of bubbles are 15 (+ youth workers and staff)
    • Face coverings required for ages 11+ (unless exempt)
    • Social Distancing required of 1 metre plus
  • All our projects and programmes were and continue to be subject to detailed COVID Secure Risk Assessments.
  • Headliners (UK) have reviewed our Business Continuity Plan in light of COVID and will continue to review it.
  • Our workforce have been provided with COVID PPE back to work kits.
  • In the summer, in accordance with UK Government guidance, we transitioned to some face to face delivery to young people in the delivery of the National Citizen Service (NCS) Keep Doing Good.
  • For any face to face delivery we will ensure all our operations are COVID Secure by:
    • Thoroughly risk assessing any venue we would use against COVID Secure requirements.
    • Ensure there is regular hand sanitiser stations and clear COVID signage.
    • Create different bubbles in compliance with NYA guidance.
    • Masks will be worn by young people and staff whenever delivery is taking place indoors.
    • Regular ‘breathing breaks’ will be taken outside so that young people have the chance to take off their masks and take in some fresh air.
    • During delivery, staff will ensure that other staff and young people are compliant with our COVID guidance (they are distancing, wearing masks, regularly sanitising/ washing their hands).
    • All staff have been trained and are aware of what to do if a young person or member of staff displays COVID symptoms. We have clear procedures in the event of this happening.
    • If young people or staff members need to take public transport, they will be required to comply with current government guidance that state that it is a legal requirement for users of public transport to wear a face mask/ covering unless they are exempt from doing so.
    • Young people will be asked before they enter the sessions if they have come into contact with anyone with COVID and also if they have any symptoms before they enter the building.


The Coronavirus pandemic has made us come together to draw out our greatest strengths with respect, teamwork and leadership. We are very proud of how the young people we worked with have shown resilience, determination and courage in continuing to enable their voices to be heard.

We are also very proud and thank our brilliant team of staff for all the hard work they have put into providing engaging, supportive and innovative delivery over these challenging months.

Headliners (UK) have and will continue to put our beneficiaries, our workforce, our volunteers and our communities first in everything we do and to keep people safe.


Mrs Ali Talbot

Chief Executive – Headliners (UK)