Life In Lockdown.

Our young people on Digital Transitions are ready for another lockdown. This time being different knowing they have weekly check ins, fun online sessions and guest speakers to help break up their week. Armed with a camera, newly learnt knowledge and the motivation to get out the house and go snap happy.

After speaking to Emily aged 23, she commented that she is looking forward to the fun online sessions we have instore and the light at the end of the tunnel where she is soon to receive her first photography qualification.

Another young person David commented stating he is looking forward to the one to one session’s and support available to him from Digital Transitions and his first photography qualification being within arms reach.

Beaming with pride

I’m looking forward to taking our sessions online and offering our young people at Digital Transitions one to one support. Seeing them blossom and coming out their shells and building confidence day by day is amazing to watch. The photographs they produce (like the one here!), and showcase are going from strength to strength and all I can say is how proud I am of them all.

David Kidger - Project Worker