Headliners (UK) and the Co-Ray project team are delighted to share the launch of our first ArtStep exhibition. 

‘Turning my darkest of times into my best of times’ is the title of one of our young people’s photography exhibition. Come take a look through the eyes of Caitlyn, aged 14 and see what hurdles she faced and how putting in place the helpful step by step guide collaborated by the CoRAY team which helped her overcome Boredom and low motivation’.

Visit Caitlyn's exhibition here

To navigate click on Start the Guides Tour. Then click to each guide point. Click on the doors when you need to open them.

Photos: Courtesy of Caitlyn

Co-Ray is a project that is responding to the challenges young people have faced from the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on their mental health.

This work is being led by the UKRI Emerging Minds Network and supported by the wider Mental Health Networks, working with Headliners (UK) and Fully Focused as delivery partners from across disciplines, across sectors, and with people with lived experience to:

  • draw together evidence on the mental health and wellbeing impacts of the pandemic on young people,
  • identify priority areas where resources are needed,
  • enable young people to develop resources that will be engaging and accessible to young people, and
  • disseminate the outputs widely.

We are very grateful to the Medical Research Council and the Westminster Foundation for funding this work.