Headliners UK Statement

The tragic killing of George Floyd has sparked global protests and conversations across the world with action against racism and injustice towards black people. 

Our charity stands together in solidarity with our young people, volunteers, colleagues, and communities around the world. We will not tolerate racism, social injustice or inequality.

Headliners (UK) recognises that we need to take time to listen and consider how we can use our channels and platforms to amplify the voice of black young people, enact positive change and address racial inequality.

Our dedicated teams are currently working across the UK to enable young people to have a voice. Headliners (UK) are supporting many young people directly affected by racism through mental health mentoring and media sessions to enable them to have a voice in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

We commit to a thorough review of our internal and our external practices to ensure that we examine the inclusion and diversity of our charitable work, operations and practices in the future.

To see some recent stories created by our young people on racism in the UK, take a look here