Today, 24th April Headliners (UK) says a fond farewell to Director, Fiona Wyton as she retires from the charity. Fiona has served our national charity first as a Trustee and then as Director since October 2004.

In bringing her wealth of journalism background and drive to make a difference to the lives of young people, Fiona has overseen the development of our services and projects that has enabled us to meet our mission of empowering over 14,000 young people to have a voice. During her tenure she has been passionate about ensuring that the most vulnerable and isolated young people in society are give the same opportunities as their peers which has seen a refocusing of Headliners work to supporting an even wider range of young people including those with special education needs and disabilities, care experienced young people, young people at risk of exclusion and involvement in criminal behavior, refugees and asylum seekers to name a view.

During her time at Headliners young people have been seen and heard in the local and national press, have interviewed politicians, decisions makers and even involved children and young people from all over the UK in the appointment of the first Children’s Commissioner in England Al Aynsley Green in 2005. Fiona has also overseen the development and delivery of our role in the successful National Citizen Service (NCS) projects in the North East which has made such a positive impact in the area.


When asked what have been her most memorable moments she said “Its not been the glitzy events (although they were fun too), but it’s been the small things: hearing about the progression a young person has made, having informal chats with young people and getting to know all of the colleagues I have had”.


Ali, Talbot Chief Executive with Headliners (UK) said: “All the team at Headliners wishes Fiona a very happy retirement and we thank her for her tireless commitment to the charity and playing such an integral role in supporting so many vulnerable young people in so many positive ways. We wish Fiona well for the future”.


Jon Hudson, Chair of Headliners (UK) said: “Fiona has supported Headliners for over sixteen years, first as a trustee and then as Director. I first met her when I was a young person working with Headliners, so it gives me great pride to be able to say goodbye to her today as Headliners' Chair. There are thousands of young people that Headliners have supported in that time, each I am sure with a story of how Fiona has empowered them to express themselves, tell their stories and change their lives. From all of us at Headliners, we want to say thank you and good luck with whatever you decide to do next.”

Good luck for the future Fiona