Many young people have felt like they had more time to spend time in their local nature spots during the coronavirus lockdown this year. But how far do we actually need to travel to find nature?  

During our online workshops, young people shared their connections with nature over the lockdown period. We looked at the differences on how much time was spent outdoors in nature before, during and after lockdown. Most of the group found that they had been spending a lot more time in nature during the lockdown period than they did before, and the nice feeling of being in nature paired with the amount of time we had over the last few months were a common reason why.

Using photography to explore the nature found close to home, these photo stories show the variety of ways nature can be found without needing to travel far. The photographers also highlighted their most surprising find from their local nature hunt.

This piece was created by young people during our online delivery of the Wild Action Programme with the London Wildlife Trust. The Wild Action Programme is one strand of the Keeping It Wild Project.

Banner image taken by Kerry during this Wild Action Programme