As the UK's coronavirus lockdown passed the two month mark, the government announced their plans to start easing restrictions in hopes to revive the economy. The impacts of the pandemic have had tremendous impact on our community and our lifestyle. Even as some restrictions are lifted, many will remain.

As we begin to prepare for life outside of our homes, we've revisited a podcast created at the start of of the UK lockdown where Keeping It Wild trainees Bobbi and Shahnoor discussed the impacts that the coronavirus pandemic has had and what changes they would like to see as we prepare to return to a 'new normal'.

This podcast was produced by Shahnoor Akhtar-Junjua and Bobbi Benjamin as part of the Keeping It Wild Project.

This podcast was also part of the Headliner's #LifeinLockdown series, where young people share their experiences during the UK's coronavirus lockdown. Join in on Twitter with #YoungVoicesCount!

Banner photo taken by Daria, 15, during a Represent! Social Action Project media training day.