Headliners is a member of London Youth and a recipient of London Youth Bronze Youth Mark accreditation.

London Youth is a charity on a mission to improve the lives of young people in London, challenging them to become the best they can. Young people need opportunities outside school to have fun with their friends, to learn new skills, to make a positive change in their communities and to shape the city they live in.

Last year, London Youth worked with over 27,000 young people through our sports development, employability, youth action and involvement, arts and outdoor education programmes. Their work gives young people access to opportunities they might not otherwise have had.

London Youth's vision is that all young Londoners grow up healthy, able to express themselves, navigate a fulfilling career and make a positive contribution in their communities.

London Mouth's mission is to support and challenge young people to become the best they can be; developing their confidence, resilience and relationship skills.

They do this with, and through, our network of community youth organisations and at our two residential centres. They look to work with all young people, focusing particularly on those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the kind of opportunities they offer.

Headliners (UK) achieve the London Youth Bronze Youth Quality Mark in 2022

The Quality Mark is a quality assurance framework providing organisations with a badge of excellence. It has been designed to
establish a recognised level of quality across any group/organisation that is delivering youth work. The Quality Mark is not a “pass” or “fail” test but a way of taking Headliners (UK) on a journey to achieve and demonstrate a level of competence.

At each level of the Quality Mark, our organisation was assessed against several criteria, including safeguarding, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, outcomes for young people, partnerships, leadership, and more. The Quality Mark has been developed specifically for youth organisations and uniquely involves young people in the process.

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