London Projects Assistant - Kickstart Scheme

Role Reference: HL2021 UNPA

Headliners (UK) is looking to recruit a Kickstart Apprentice to support our London projects delivery programme in the our London team.

Our role is part of the Government's Kickstart scheme that provides funding to employers to create jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

The role of Project Assistant would be part of the Headliners (UK) London Team and would report directly to the London Project Manager. This Assistant is responsible for supporting the operational delivery of the Headliners (UK) ‘Unfiltered’ and ‘Community Leaders’ operations.

The role will be working with the Projects Officer and Project Manager to oversee support the operational delivery of ‘Community Leaders’ and ‘Unfiltered’, both projects work across different boroughs of London. The Unfiltered project supports young people by providing a three-month placement that creates a safe space for young people within the city who are removed from mainstream education, who are deemed at risk and those living with special education needs. Unfiltered provides young people with an opportunity to express the issues affecting them and a chance to have their stories heard through photography, journalistic interviews and podcasts. Our young people have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals and community leaders to gain skills that will benefit them for a future in journalism and media whilst gaining 1-1 support on how to deal with the issues they are facing as well as a safe space to express themselves. The project aims to build self-esteem, confidence and provide employment support.

‘Community Leaders’ is our 15-month long project that works with unemployed young women in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Islington, helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to access further training, education and employment. We support our young women by creating a three-month placement (6 people in each group) with accredited digital/media training, mentorship and employability masterclasses. The project aims for these young people to become leaders in their community and creating opportunities for other young people in their area whilst boosting their own self confidence and paving a way to a brighter future.

The role would assist the Project Officer in the delivery of these projects and their operational programming as well as the reporting and evaluation of our young people and the project’s success. The role will also be involved in supporting the wellbeing and safety of our young people.

The role responsibilities are:

  • Recruitment of young people to join our programmes through partnerships, local community groups and education facilities.
  • Support of the programme activity and project plans and assistance of session delivery
  • Creating content for Headliners to share on our social media, website and with project partners.

Other key responsibilities will include:

  • To assist the project officer with all stages of the sign-up process of our young people, ensuring a clear stream of communication and logging information.
  • To assist with the recruitment process
  • To assist with the curation of the activity timetables, helping to create worksheets and making sure these are all available on day of delivery.
  • Sending out information on the project to the individuals taking part to encourage attendance.
  • To support the project officer with all communication and delivery requirements.
  • To work alongside the project officer to create media led content with use of photography, filming and podcast recording.
  • To act as a supportive mentor for the young people taking part in the project, putting their wellbeing and safety first whilst actively listening to their ideas/ initiatives and creating ways for young people to express themselves.
  • To research opportunities for local partnerships and community involvement.
  • To learn and apply basic project management skills, assisting the team with the project’s progression.
  • To write up individual action plans, case studies and exit reflections on the project.
  • Commitment to undertake a Level 2 OCN course in creative employability.

Number of hours a week: 25 hours

Rate of pay: National minimum wage

How to Apply.

If you are interested in this opportunity please talk to your Job Centre Plus work coach who will give you further information on the vacancy and how to apply using the reference number for this opportunity:


Closing date is July 5th 2021