Headliners (UK) is delighted to be supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation Reignite Fund to deliver the London Green Champions project. Our London Green Champions project is supporting young people to reignite their access green spaces and nature to create a London’s Green Champions project.

London’s Green Champion’s project seeks to reignite young people’s passion for nature and enable 63 young people aged 11-25 years old from disadvantaged London communities to positively engage with their local green spaces, connect with other young people and build their skills and confidence.

The  young people have the opportunity to Re-imagine, Re-purpose and Re-direct their access to green spaces and the natural environment through multi-media programmes and summer acti0on action volunteering opportunities.

The project offers safe spaces for young people to explore their local green spaces, empower them to use their voice, increase confidence and interpersonal skills by develop the tools to do and grow their personal skills for future employment by creating published media content.

The two strands of youth-led engagement activities include a year-round Reignite programme between January 2022 to December 2022 and a summer social action volunteering activities enabling young people to access green spaces and nature.

The young people from the most deprived areas in Hackney and Lewisham experience a lack of access to green spaces and this project seeks to change that. The young people will be able to Re-imagine their green spaces through discussions on what changes they'd make and ideas of how to get green spaces more young people friendly. They will be able to Re-Purpose their voices by placing purpose back into our stories, voices and communities as young people. We would enable young people to re-direct their negative feelings, anxiety and barriers they face to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.

Headliners UK is grateful to The Jack Petchey Foundation Reignite fund for the generous grant award to support this unique project.