As lockdown comes back in to effect across the UK, we take a look at the positives of lockdown from a young persons point of view.

The world has been gripped by the current coronavirus pandemic since the beginning of 2020. The UK hasn't been spared by the virus, like many other countries worldwide.

Young people may be one of the most affected groups of people throughout the UK lockdown due to COVID-19. In this podcast, we hear from a member of our staff and a young person from Newcastle about the positives of lockdown and what we are looking forward to once life goes back to some form of 'normal'.

Now there is light at the end of the tunnel with the various vaccines emerging around the world, the prospect of returning to normality is becoming more and more real every day.

Take a listen if you're looking for inspiration for future plans!

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This podcast was made by James Devine, 17, alongside Mikey Sinclair, our NCS Coordinator as part of the Young Leaders Group in our Newcastle Bureau.

Thanks to NCS for making this project possible. 

The banner picture is a stock photo courtesy of The Commons Library, Parliament UK