Alfie graduated from our #UnfilteredProject to our #HackneyYoungReporters at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each week the #HackneyYoungReporters group met online to build on personal tools which would enable the young people to cope with the constant changes and isolation. Each young person also documented their #LifeinLockdown using a variety of different media.

Alfie chose to take collection of photographs to document his local community through lockdown. In the heart of East London he had a lot of inspiration. He has recently curated his collection into an online exhibition.

The photos show East London in lockdown: from building of community gardens, to empty car parks in the middle of a usually bustling shopping centre. Take a look around our virtual #LifeinLockdown exhibition to see the lockdown through a Alfie's camera lens. 

You can also view '#LifeinLockdown A Look Through The Lens' on the ArtsSteps website here.

Alfie is still active on our Instagram feed so hop on over to @HeadlinersUK to see more.

Thanks to Vanguard for making this on going project and exhibition possible.