What do the local police think about knife crime and where do we go from here?

Extra money being promised to Police Forces is much needed after a 19% decrease in funding alongside a loss of 20,000 officers since 2010. The number of incidents involving knives is also the highest in a decade.

We spoke to some Police officers working around East London to find out the root causes & answers from their point of view and this is episode 2.

We're all humans, we don't want to seem like robots and that's the major changes we're seeing at the moment, is trying to break down those barriers with certain parts of the community.

Kids get into gangs now for the same reasons they will in the future, the only thing we can really do is nip it in the bud, but as said, we have to approachable.

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This podcast was produced by Ty Brooks-O'Reilly, Sebastian Odikasigbue & Marco Ronchetti Pietro with artwork by Alexandra Grant

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