What do the local police think about knife crime and where do we go from here?

Extra money being promised to Police Forces is much needed after a 19% decrease in funding alongside a loss of 20,000 officers since 2010. The number of incidents involving knives is also the highest in a decade.

We spoke to some Police Community Officers working around East London to find out the root causes & answers from their point of view. 

Being a community based officer, rather than going around in fast cars and blue lights, that's all well and good, but I like being based in the community, talking to people and making a difference in that is a difficult part of the country.

There's very little for kids to do, youth clubs have shut down, I mean as far as Haggerston is concerned, I can't actually think of any youth clubs that are available that I can direct kids to. It's stagnation in terms of the community, nothing's getting better.

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This podcast was produced by Ty Brooks-O'Reilly, Sebastian Odikasigbue & Marco Ronchetti Pietro with artwork by Alexandra Grant

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