We are family...but who are 'we'? What does a family look like? Happy, secure and loved young people who are looked after by relatives challenge the traditional notion of family.

Young people from Kinship Care NI, a charity organisation that works with looked after children and their carers, have produced this film, 'Kinnections'. Their target audience for the film are other young people who may find themselves in a similar situation - being looked after by relatives or family friends. They want to highlight that support exists for these young people and that there is no reason to feel alone, different or isolated

In Kinship we are all in the same boat! Every time I go there I feel better. Whitney, 15

Danny,14 reassures other young people in a similar situation to himself: "Everything is going to be OK. Its not like the world is going to end because you do have someone there who can support you through it. Kinship has given me more confidence, more friends and more people I can rely on."

This video was produced by Whitney, 15 and Danny, 14.

It was produced as part of the Headliners Big Lottery 'Voices for Change' Programme.