How do you communicate the emotional response that nature and wildlife can have on you?

A group of young people taking part in the Keeping it Wild programme, used photography as a tool to gaze through a lens and criticality look at a London Wildlife Trust reserve. The young people from Richmond upon Thames College’s Supported Learning programme, tackled the problem of communicating their emotional response and experiences to nature by creating a digital stories social media campaign.

These digital stories allowed the young people to add context to their images and build on the photographic work by adding their ‘voice’ to their images.

The Keeping it Wild project took place at Crane Park Island.

Keeping it Wild is funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund.

These digital stories were produced by Holly Stansby, Geri Mulvaney, Ruben Kapango, Kapil Lund, Charlie Price, Anila Lugjaj, Mobasivatul ‘Moby’ Jannat