We would like to offer our congratulations to four of our young people; Jayleigh, Rachel, Lashira, and Hassan, who have been awarded Jack Petchey Foundation Silver Awards for their outstanding efforts on our 2023 Headliners (UK) London-based projects.

The Jack Petchey Foundation Silver Awards recognise young people aged 11-25 for their outstanding achievements and personal development. Each young person nominated by Headliners (UK) receives a certificate, pin badge and a book from Sir Jack himself, as well as a grant that goes towards improving the projects we deliver, to further benefit young people .

Rachel was selected for the JPF silver awards for her leadership skills and her commitment to the Safe Spaces London project. Rachel led many of the class discussions and would always steer the group back to the main topic if they became distracted. She also led many of the podcasts, one of which has been posted online. Rachel was thoughtful and considerate during the project, helping assemble and disassemble the equipment and carefully considered appropriate topics for discussion. She also had perfect attendance, even when she wasn’t feeling very well, highlighting her commitment.

Jayleigh took part in our Safe Spaces London project and stood out to us due to her developmental journey during the project. Initially Jayleigh found it difficult to speak-up during the group discussions; however, as the project went on, she began to come out of her shell and take initiative in group discussions. For her final portfolio, Jayleigh did extensive work outside of the workshops to research Alport’s Syndrome and found two individuals to interview on the topic. During her interview, she spoke with confidence and engaged with the interviewee very well.

Lashira has been nominated for the JPF Silver awards on behalf of her commitment to the project and personal development throughout the London Green Champion’s project. At the start of the project, Lashira was very quiet and kept to herself, however, as we progressed, she demonstrated a growth in her interest and confidence by asking more questions and suggesting new ideas for social action activities. Lashira puts in an outstanding amount of effort into her work and provides a strong example for the rest of the group to follow.

Hassan has been nominated for the JPF Silver awards for his hard work and engagement throughout the London Green Champions project. As a recent refugee/asylum seeker, Hassan is learning to speak English as a second language. In taking part in our London Green Champions project, he has become noticeably more confident, and consistently demonstrates his interest in learning more about the environment and volunteering his time to help. In a recent social action session, Hassan helped to lead a local litter pick, where he used his positive attitude to boost morale and encourage his classmates to help the local community.

Once again, congratulations to our young people who have been awarded with Jack Petchey Silver Awards as well as all the young people who have taken part in our recent projects!