Over the past month, young people from ELATT College in Hackney have been exploring accessibility for hearing impaired young people, in the context of multi-media and green-spaces.

The project explores the production of fully accessible media programmes with young people. Together, the group used photography to capture aspects of nature that meet the needs of everyone.

Below are their photos with British Sign Language (BSL) translated captions. 

The Swan Steals the Show / Brendan Hartney

"A magnificent swan gazes longingly at her friend"

"The subject of my photo represents the beauty that you can find in nature. To me, this photo speaks about the fact that just going outside, even if it’s just for a short walk can allow you to see incredible things that you would not otherwise see.

This photo explores the idea that anyone can take some time to relax and take in the beauty of nature, even in the middle of an incredibly busy city. The park is huge and allows you to forget that you are in the middle of an enormous city for a while.

To me, accessibility means that everyone is able to enjoy the same things and has access to the things they need. It is important because everyone has different needs and making things more accessible means that more people can enjoy things like parks."

Pigeons in Paradise / Coby Evans

"Pigeons outta Hackney, in the Park"

"This photo represents pigeons in their habitat and they are chilling...The pigeons are chilling which means that it is a safe area for the pigeons, and also for the people who see the pigeons, the park was accessible.

Accessibility means that everybody can be involved and that no one is left out."

Chilling Coots / Anthony Darby

"Coots chilling around the canal"

"I chose this picture as it kind of tells story of three Coots getting fed by the bird-man... Accessibility is access available for everyone. I think accessibility is important because it allows people the opportunity to get fresh air, it gives them something to do."

Bus Stop / Roman Brightman

"A bus stop in London"

"This photo represents London. London is FAMOUS for its iconic red buses I may not like buses, but this bus stop is my favourite."

Roman is a young person who had previously not been on a public bus in over a decade, instead preferring the tube, overground and train. He says "Buses are NOT environmentally friendly. They are slow, smelly and taking trains is way quicker and easy", he believes that green-spaces would be more accessible for young people like himself, with better access to the rail network. 

**BSL demonstrated by Project Officer on behalf of Roman**

This project was produced in collaboration with ELATT College and Headliners (UK)


Thank you to The National Lottery Community Fund and Old Street District Community Pot for making sessions like this possible.