On the 23rd August Headliners (UK) took part in Tower Hamlets' local family festival, All Points East in the Neighbourhood, as part of our London Safe Spaces project. Running a creative session based on the theme of identity and self-confidence, young people of all ages came to discuss what makes them unique while creating visual representations of themselves.

After discussing the theme of identity, the young people considered the different elements of their own identities and created collages to showcase how they view themselves. Many of these collages included bright colours to highlight their cheery character as well as features from the games and TV shows they enjoy.

The young people then moved onto discussing self-confidence, focusing on their favourite things about themselves and how this relates to their identity. The aim of this task was to encourage the young people to take pride in themselves and all the things that make them unique. During this discussion, the young people created origami hearts and were encouraged to label the middle of the heart with their favourite things about themselves.

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This project was produced as a collaboration between Trapped in Zone One and Headliners (UK).
Thank you to the Edward Gostling Foundation for making these sessions possible.