This summer we visited Hackney School of Food with some of the young people on our London Green Champions programme.

Hackney School of Food teaches 'chefs' of all ages and abilities about growing and cooking food, using produce from their own gardens which is then prepared in their award-winning professional kitchen.

Food educator Thomas Walker taught them how to make cheese and herb scones using fresh chives from the garden and while the scones baked, the young people explored the garden and tried some edible flowers and fresh poppy seeds.

On the trip they learned how to chop like a chef and took some beautiful pictures of the trees, flowers and chickens. The young people practiced their English and took home scones which were still warm from the oven!

Learning about how we can grow herbs and vegetables and eat healthily contributes to the wider understanding of our environment and its benefits, another element of the London Green Champions project.

This project was produced as a collaboration between ELATT college and Headliners (UK).


Thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund for making these sessions possible.