Headliners (UK) is a UK charity supporting children and young people to have a voice.

Through our unique multi-media journalism programme children and young people research and produce stories for publication and broadcast about issues that concern them and campaign for change in their communities.

Headliners (UK) Board

Headliners (UK) is governed by a Board of Trustees that bring a range of experience, knowledge and skills to supporting the charity to meet its charitable objectives. Our Board of Trustees consists of independent individuals with a range of skills and competencies across key sectors including journalism, public sector and communications which enables Headliners (UK) to operate as an effective charity and a Limited company.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the charity and ensuring it meets its charitable objectives for  public benefit.

Our Trustees are committed to supporting the charity to develop and enable young people to have a voice.

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An annual effectiveness review of Board members is undertaken to ensure that the Board is made up of individuals with the right balance of skills and experience to meet the needs of the organisation.

There is an independent level of expertise on the Board and ensuring there is a balance of skills to meet the needs of the organisation.

The Board skills currently includes journalism, education, media, public engagement, marketing and communications and youth development experience

Headliners (UK) Articles of Association

Headliners (UK) is governed by our Articles of Association and our Strategy - 2018 - 2022.

The Articles can be downloaded below:


Headliners (UK) Annual Trustees Report and Accounts 

Headliners (UK) Strategy

Headliners (UK) currently has a three year strategy which is focused on enabling vulnerable young people to have a voice.

Our vision

A world where young people believe in themselves, are powerful and able to make changes for themselves and for others

Our mission

To inspire children and young people to investigate and challenge the world around them, enhance their personal development and promote their right to be heard as equals.

Our beliefs

  • All young people have voices and views that should be heard and taken seriously.
  • All young people have potential - they are talented, creative and have experience that can be harnessed to create a positive future.
  • All young people deserve equal opportunities in life, no matter what their start has been or their circumstances.
  • All young people are assets and our role is to provide support and opportunity for young people to identify their own strengths and take those opportunities.

Our Priorities for 2018-22

  1. To improve the choices and opportunities for the most socially isolated young people in the North East, London and Northern Ireland enabling these young people to become more independent, socially equal, employment-ready and active citizens.
  2. Increase opportunities for young people to be heard in their own authentic voice, challenge perceptions and to influence and create change for young people.
  3. To create a movement of people – new trustees, volunteers and friends of Headliners - getting behind young people in their area to help them achieve their goals.

Our Objectives

1.     Improve outcomes for vulnerable young people

  • Target our work with: young people in/leaving care, with special educational needs and disabilities, Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), young offenders, refugees and asylum seekers. We will do this by increasing our partnership-working and highlighting issues facing these young people through the films and other media products the young people produce themselves.
  • Ensure that young people are at the heart of developing new programmes and can articulate their development and learning. We will learn from young people and adapt our programmes to take account of their views and improve our impact measurement.
  • Develop more flexible programmes for vulnerable young people that are tailored to individual availability and need. We will develop our workforce through mentoring and other training to better meet the young people’ needs.
  • Attract trustees and volunteers with a background in community development and/or working with vulnerable young people to support and advocate for the development of this work.

2. Amplify authentic voice of young people

  • Ensure digital/media literacy across all programmes to improve young people’s access to the digital world and opportunities to create change for themselves.
  • Strengthen journalism/storytelling in programmes.
  • Make young people’s views easily accessible to a wide range of people including decision makers by using social media tools more widely and producing concise media outputs.
  • Develop a communications strategy for young people’s content.

3. Empower our regions

  • Create strong support networks within the local community in Northern Ireland and our North East England and London regions to support the development of local young people and programmes led by a small group of regionally-based trustees.
  • Develop volunteering and develop a “community organising” culture to create energy and unleash the potential of both young people and adults in the community and test new types of locally-funded or volunteer-led programmes.  
  • Devolve more management responsibility to the regions to be less reliant on central staff. Build a culture of shared learning and skills sharing where regions can support each other and staff and volunteers can connect and reflect together.
  • Enable our regions to develop a stronger regional voice and financial autonomy to support young people and programmes locally.

Headliners (UK) Governance  – Board and Sub Committee Operations.

The charity’s Board of Trustees meets every three months with the Sub Committee operating in between Main Board meetings.

The charity currently operates one Finance Sub Committee that supports the main Board in the financial management of the charity.