Cheria Raw

I'm doing a skydive to help fundraise for Headliners UK a non-profit charity organisation, who give young people a voice through the use of media and journalism.

Headliners provide young people nationwide with the opportunities to take up personal development and journalism programmes in order to let them build up their own personalities.

Like all charities funding is something Headliners depend on and that's why we are fundraising to give all young people an opportunity to access the services ran by Headliners. Headliners work with a diverse range of young people in order to get their views put forward, there is no one Headliners turn away.

I am willing to jump 15,000 feet out of a plane on the 19th March to show how dedicated I am to helping Headliners reach all the rest of the young people out there and have a positive impact on their lives. Will you be dedicated enough to sponsor me? Even donations of small amounts will help us to provide services to more young people.

Thank you!

Cheria Raw