The Family and Child Empowerment (FACES) project is a partnership in Northern Ireland between Extern, Ascert and the Education Authority. This vital early intervention service is actually saving lives in Belfast.FACES assists with accessing employment training, family support services, mental health care, family therapy and counselling, both group and individual.

Over the course of five months Headliners worked in collaboration with staff and members to explore and share their FACES experiences, reflect on their starting point when enrolling and appreciate just how far they had come. One young FACES graduate Michael, revealed at the end of the project: "The Faces project saved my life."

In this video 'Face Values' young people, staff and parents share their journeys in the hope that it inspires others who find themselves in a similar place. 

Film created by Chloe, Dylan, Helen, Jayde, Kurtis and Rhianna