Headliners has been successfully delivering ‘Digital Transitions’ for three years, and our latest group of young people to complete the course were from Route 2 Work in Jarrow.

Having spent several weeks learning employability skills including CV writing, Interview practice much more. On top of this the group completed three vocational qualifications; in Capturing Audio, Photography and News Reporting; our cohort from Route 2 Work College took a much-deserved break to engage in two fantastic social events over the course of their 12-week programme.

The group travelled to South Shields, visiting both South Shields Museum as well as taking a trip on the historic Shields Ferry and learning about the history of this crossing, which dates back as far as the 14th Century!

At South Shields Museum, an exhibition celebrated the impact of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, with special emphasis on the association between the monarch and the local area; her visits to the region and providing some examples of the materials created in celebration of her long life by local tradespeople.

The group celebrated the end of their programme with a social event to Sunderland, visiting the National Glass Centre and Winter Gardens exhibits. At the Glass Centre, the team was treated to in person displays of glass making craft, watching a real time demonstration of glass blowing.

At the Winter Gardens, young people were able to get a first-hand look at Bronze Age items as well as learning more about what was happening within the region at that time. Having a great time, and getting to know both themselves and their region a little better in the process, it was an enjoyable Digital Transitions session for everyone.

"I really enjoyed the course and would absolutely recommend it to students that haven't taken part before. Thanks for a wonderful social event." Participant


"Thank you for a wonderful experience and never giving up on me" Participant

This work would not be possible without the support of Lloyds Bank Foundation.