Digital Transitions

Headliners (UK) is currently delivering a three year Digital Transitions project funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation to support young people in the North-East of England

Its aims are:
• improve the personal well-being of young people leaving the care system enabling them to be more resilient to the challenges they face.
• develop young people’s agency: increasing their ability to form and maintain good relationships to seek support, make change in their lives.
• young people leaving care are aware of work-based opportunities available to them and optimistic for the future

We Offer:

Flexible, YOUTH LED ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMMES that allow YP to explore issues of importance to them, using creative activities and hands on experience of media and journalism.

1-TO-1 MENTORING and pastoral support to onboard YP to the service, support them through the programme and when they decide to move on.

EMPLOYABILITY SUPPORT to help identify career aspirations, create flexible learning pathways which reflect YP’s needs and goals, including OCN London Accreditation, work placements and support to work.

How does it work?

WE CREATE A SAFE SPACE for YP to regularly attend (usually once or twice a week), where they can be themselves and talk about issues affecting them. They work in small groups to discuss and investigate these, placing stories into the media. This cathartic process can address a range of social, personal, educational needs, giving YP a stake in society and helping their transition through different stages of their lives to adulthood.

OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN SKILLS, question assumptions and lead decision making through our media/journalism engagement and employability programmes. These build confidence and self-esteem. YP gain lifelong transferable skills such as digital communication, literacy and critical thinking skills backed up by accreditation. This gives them the confidence to make positive choices and raises aspirations.

A SOCIAL MIX, enabling YP to connect with others who are going through similar situations. Team-building and social activities encourage YP to build social/ communication skills and support networks for the future.

A STRONG 1-2-1 RELATIONSHIP with staff that allow YP to feel that someone has their back and sees their potential.

A TAILORED AND FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO MEET THEIR COMPLEX NEEDS. YP are supported to explore their identity and values, empowering them to create a positive vision for change in their lives.

OPPORTUNITIES TO ENGAGE WITH INDUSTRY through industry visits, masterclasses, work placements.