It sometimes feels like Northern Ireland is stuck in time. The great world spins around us but scars and trauma ground this place into the memory of how things were before the Good Friday Agreements.

And yet Derry is changing – Northern Ireland is changing. The young generation, with its loudness, its open-mindedness, and its desperate hope for a better future, is voicing things that were silenced for so long. The young people are the future of this place, and they want to see it move forward, not backward.

In this podcast, Connie, Holly and Charlie, three fourteen-year-old students from Lisneal College, Londonderry, talk about the change in mentalities they witnessed in their hometown, and how young people are, little by little, removing stigma and taboos to create a safe space where people can finally be themselves and unite in all their differences.




This podcast was produced by Connie, Holly and Charlie in a collaboration between Headliners Foyle and the Londonderry YMCA.
Thank you to Education Authority Northern Ireland for making these projects possible.