This Audio guide was produced by Theo Harrison, James Ferris, Jojo M, Dennis Watson, Jayden L, Emiliano Haskurti and Seb Rennie

Text from the audio guide: "This is the west end of the Island. You see water flowing down from the river Crane’s source in Harrow (26 miles to the north from here) As you can see the river splits here and flows around the Island. In spring summer and autumn you will probably see small fish in shoals (sticklebacks, minnow, and larger fish such as chubb.) You may see crayfish crawling aound on the river bed (like small lobsters) and if you are lucky, the kingfisher flashing by on the look out for lunch. If are here in the summer and autumn you will probably see bright red and green damsel flies."

The aim of the Keeping it Wild programme is to empower and inspire 600 young people aged 11-25, from backgrounds currently under-represented in natural heritage, to gain vital skills while discovering, conserving and sharing their experiences of the capital’s wild spaces. 

Headliners are working in partnership with London Wildlife Trust, John Muir Trust, and London Youth to inspire the young people to investigate the issues facing green spaces and to engage with nature through social action projects and traineeships.