This Audio guide was produced by Theo Harrison, James Ferris, Jojo M, Dennis Watson, Jayden L, Emiliano Haskurti and Seb Rennie

Text from the audio guide: "This is our mini beast or invertebrate area. We chose this location as it is nice and shady which keeps the area nice and cool mand damp which is the preferred habitat for many invertebrates. We place logs and wood here to slowly rot. This provides homes and food for many insect species. Some of these such as the stag beetle are increasingly rare. This is partly due to the long infancy of stag beetles with the larvae needing several years to grow in a rotting log. Try and see what you can find by carefully turning over some logs. Please make sure you put things back as you found them and don’t hurt anything while you are exploring."

The aim of the Keeping it Wild programme is to empower and inspire 600 young people aged 11-25, from backgrounds currently under-represented in natural heritage, to gain vital skills while discovering, conserving and sharing their experiences of the capital’s wild spaces. 

Headliners are working in partnership with London Wildlife Trust, John Muir Trust, and London Youth to inspire the young people to investigate the issues facing green spaces and to engage with nature through social action projects and traineeships.